Bring your pup to work

Companies allowing employees to bring their dogs to work is becoming increasingly popular -for a good reason. Studies show that having a dog in your office reduces stress, improves productivity, and can lead to more social, fun meetings with your clients.

Since both Brad and I work from home (when we are not out and about for sales calls or meetings), we are blessed to work on our computers with a pup under our desk. As a matter of fact, Roxy is taking her mid-morning nap on my feet as I’m typing this..

The official “Take Your Dog To Work Day” is TODAY – June 22nd! There is even a fun website where you can share photos and tips – check it out!

Does your company allow you to bring your dog to work? If not, you should share this posting with your boss. Even President Gerald Ford worked with his Goldens in the oval office! 🙂

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