Wednesday Friendsday – Summer

Meet Summer – our Wednesday Friendsday featured golden! What a beautiful brown-eyed girl she is!

Summer is a gorgeous 8 month old Golden who lives in Klang, Malaysia! (I love that golden lovers from across the world can connect with one another!!) Summer was a birthday gift to her dog mom, Hamae, from her husband. Coincidentally, Summer was born on the day Hamae and her husband were married! Summer was just destined to be a part of their family. 🙂

Summer’s favorite treats are carrots and green apples – what a healthy puppy!

When she’s not cuddling with Hamae and her husband, she loves to play fetch with a ball. Summer also enjoys to travel! Car rides are her favorite!

Thank you Hamae for sharing these wonderful photos of Summer with us! I love this pic of the three of you – what a happy pup she is to have such awesome parents!


Wednesday Friendsday – Radar

Happy Wednesday Friensday everyone – meet Radar!

Radar is not your ordinary dog for so many reasons! He helps his owner, Ali, out with her homework:

Radar licks the leftover milk from Ali’s cereal in the morning:

He loves the water (and even has his own pair of doggles!):

And Radar can even open the front door all by himself! I’ll bet the UPS man loves that 🙂

When Ali unfortunately had to be in the hospital for a week, she had this green blanket with her. Radar missed her so much that when she brought it back home it became his favorite blanket – he carries it around everywhere with him!

Thank you Ali for sharing these wonderful photos of Radar with us! He looks like an incredible dog – and what an adorable puppy he was!! (and still is!)



Wednesday Friendsday – Jackson

Happy Wednesday Friendsday Golden lovers – meet Jackson!! Isn’t he one of the cutest puppies you have EVER seen?

Jackson lives in sunny Phoenix, AZ with his parents Adam & Liz. Jackson’s favorite thing to do is cool off with a nice swim in the pool..

..or a swim in the lake! Jackson even has his own life jacket so he can swim all day long without getting too tired.

And if there’s not a pool or a lake around, a bucket will do 🙂

Jackson’s favorite toy is his tennis ball, he will fetch it all day long if you throw it. His favorite treat is a bone dipped in peanut butter (mmm.. sounds yummy Jackson!).

“He is the sweetest, most loving dog we have ever had – and truly brings so much happiness to our home,” says Adam. From the looks of that floppy tongue smile, the feeling is definitely mutual Adam 🙂 Aren’t these photos amazing? Adam and Liz are engaged – and included Jackson in their recent engagement photos! What a beautiful family!! Photography was done by Kelsey Pinkerton.

Thank you Adam & Liz for sharing your photos with us! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding – wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, and puppy dog kisses 🙂  – Jackson’s a lucky pup to have such wonderful parents!


Wednesday Friendsday

Hello fellow Golden lovers – and Happy Wednesday Friendsday! Our first Wednesday Friendsday of 2012!!

We have a very special pup today – meet Napa Bella! Today also happens to be Napa’s 6th Birthday – HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAPA!!

Napa’s mommy is Arizona’s favorite news anchor – Tram Mai! Tram Mai is the host of EVB Live on Arizona’s Channel 12 News. For viewers outside of Arizona, you may recognize her from her guest host appearance on Live! With Regis & Kelly.  Quincey, Roxy and I love watching her show everyday! Not only is Tram a great mom to her goldens, but she is also extremely generous and supportive to our local animal (and human!:) community – helping organizations like Gabriel’s Angels.

I love the name Napa! Tram named her pup that after her love for wine. Wine + Goldens.. doesn’t get much better than that! Here’s some more adorable photos of Napa.

On top of having great parents, Napa also has a Golden sibling named Pressley! We’ll look forward to featuring Pressley in an upcoming Wednesday Friendsday 🙂

Tram, thank you for sharing photos of Napa – she’s a beautiful pup! We hope you have a fun time celebrating her birthday!




Wednesday Friendsday

Where did November go? Can’t believe this is my last post of the month! In honor of Wednesday Friendsday and our Featured Breed of the Month: The Pug – I decided to combine both!

Meet Jade Perisho! The beautiful pug of my friend Alysha who lives in beautiful Seattle, WA!

Alysha named her after the ancient Jade gemstone that has historically been used to attract love and healing – because Jade inspires those feelings every day. Unlike many pugs, Jade is very athletic and loves to go hiking with Alysha! She also makes a great desk buddy – this lucky pup gets to go to work with Alysha at (sidenote: the fact that Amazon is dog-friendly makes me love them even more!!).

Jade will do anything for tummy tickles. “We find her on her back more than a prostitute in a Taiwanese strip club” says Alysha – HILARIOUS! Jade also has a fabulous wardrobe, it even contains pink coats, a geisha dress, and Harley Davidson leather jackets. Jade is also a part of socialite society in Seattle. She is the leader of a “Sex in the City” style group of dog friends. She has three of her favorite dog-girlfriends living in her city apartment. So Jade, do you consider yourself a Carrie? Or more of a Samantha?

“The next time you see a deep green jade gem-stone think of our pug… we promise you will feel the warmth of her love within you.” – Will do Alysha!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and stories. Jade sounds like such a fun pup – I wish we lived closer so we could have play dates! If I’m ever in Seattle, I’ll request Jade be my tour guide 🙂 PS – I love this photo of you two..


Wednesday Friendsday

Meet Simba – our featured friend of the week!

Simba was born in Las Vegas on November 28, 2004 (happy early 7th birthday Simba!! – I’m sure you’ll get some leftover Thanksgiving turkey for your birthday this year 🙂

As you can see, Simba has beautiful puppy dog brown eyes!

Simba’s dog mom, JoEllen, had the following sweet things to say about Simba:

” Simba has the biggest, most expressive, brown eyes that just make your heart melt! The best part of Simba’s day is to “cuddle” on the couch with his mommy and daddy. Simba’s other favorite thing to do is get on the other couch and start growing at mommy to come over to him to give him the best of hugs. He then gives me that golden smile that says “Ha ha! I know how much you love me and that I got my way again!” Isn’t that just precious? Simba always enjoys his daily walks, because we know goldens need their daily exercise (and Simba knows he needs to keep up his manish figure!). As you can see, Simba is my whole world, and I think God for him everyday! Thank you for letting me share about my “big boy” Simba to your readers. One thing that I know for sure, and that is that everyone’s golden is as special to them as Simba is to us!”

Thank you JoEllen and Simba for sharing your photos and stories with us! JoEllen and I met through this blog, I love that i heart golden retrievers is starting to bring together more and more Golden lovers. We are working on a “Wednesday Friensday” submission form, but in the meantime should you wish to have your Golden Retriever featured, please use the Contact Us page.

Happy Wednesday Friendsday everyone!



Guest Breed of the Month: The Pug!

We heart Golden Retrievers, but let’s be honest: We heart ALL dogs! Therefore, we decided to start a “Guest Breed of the Month” where we will share fun facts and photos of a featured breed each month.

November’s Guest Breed of the Month is the Pug! I love pugs, they are such comical dogs. From their big expressive eyes, to their cute curly tail – they have so much personality! Love the classic pug head tilt..

Pugs are classified in the toy breed category, because their average weight is between 14 – 18 lbs. Their smooth, glossy coats can be in the color of fawn or black. Pugs can have two distinct ear shapes: “Rose” or “Button”. Rose styled ears are small, while button styled ears folded. Pugs have very strong legs and shoulders, and most have protruding lower jaw – so their smile shows an adorable underbite!

Pugs also make wonderful family dogs – they are very fond of children and sturdy enough to play with them. Plus, they make the perfect addition to family photos!

Several of my friends have pugs, so I’ll be sharing their photos and stories throughout the month – there’s some great ones, so get excited!

i heart pugs!


Wednesday Friendsday

Happy Wednesday Friendsday everyone! Meet Cooper Bogenschuetz, the most beautiful English Golden Retriever I have ever seen!

Here’s the “scoop on Coop”: This beautiful boy was born on March 4, 2010, just a couple of days before his parents Linday & Trevor got married! Like all Goldens, Cooper is sweet-natured, energetic, playful, smart and loyal. Everytime Lindsay and Trevor walk into a room, Cooper runs up to them and brings ones of his toys as a “gift” – so sweet! From all of his morning and afternoon walks, Cooper is the most popular person in the neighborhood (especially to all of the kids!). Lindsay laughs – the neighbors still don’t know her and Trevor’s names – but everyone knows Coopers – lol.

As you can see from the photo above, Cooper’s favorite toy is a ball to fetch. He loves to play fetch – he’s better at retrieving them though than giving them back. Cooper also loves his tug-o-war ropes and squeaker toys, although the squakers in the toys usually only last a day because he loves to rip them out.

Although Cooper is still kind of a puppy – he is certainly not the size of one (he’s 85 lbs!). However, Cooper still loves to lay like a puppy (with his legs straight out behind him), and refuses to let his size stop him from being a lap dog. Speaking of puppies.. let’s look at some of Cooper’s puppy photos!!

It’s been a very exciting year for the Bogenschuetz family, Cooper recently became a big brother! Lindsay and Trevor welcomed a beautiful baby boy in July named Cameron. Cooper has done an amazing job adjusting to life and having to share Lindsay & Trevor’s attention. Occasionally, he will put a bib or burp cloth in his mouth and strut around the house with it – but overall Cooper has done an incredible job!

Lindsay was worried when they first brought Cameron home from the hospital and how Cooper would react. Surprisingly, the baby mellowed Cooper out. Cooper immediately became protective of the baby, standing between him and guests that would come over. Cooper loves to give big kisses to Cameron, too.

Lindsay, thank you so much for sharing your photos with us! We look forward to seeing your “boys” grow up together 🙂


Wednesday Friendsday

Meet Beau Ibarguen – today’s Wednesday Friendsday pup! I’ve been stalking Beau on facebook ever since my friend Jennifer adopted him this summer, I can’t get enough of this lil guy!

Beau may look familiar to you – I shared some insanely adorable puppy photos of him when Jennifer and her fiance Blake first brought Beau home in July. You can view that post and photos here.

Beau was born June 9, 2011 and lives in Dallas, TX. Beau has lots of toys. His favorites are his soft toys –  his crab, turtle and baby bear. He likes to take them outside and play! Beau also likes to chew on his Nylabone, which has really helped with teething.

Every morning when Jenn makes peanut butter toast for breakfast, Beau gets a Kong stuffed with a protein cookie and some peanut butter on top (that sounds delicious – Roxy is drooling reading this!). What a lucky pup!! It’s become such a routine that as soon as he hears the bread popping out of the toaster, he is right by Jenn’s side ready for his treat. How could anyone say no to this brown eyed baby?

Jenn and her fiance hired a trainer that they have had tremendous success with. Although Beau is still just a pup, he can sit, stay, come, and lay down on command. What a smart pup! Gotta love Goldens and their constant desire to please their owners 🙂 Best breed in the world!!

Jenn’s mom Bonnie (who lives down the street) adopted a pup from the same litter as Beau –  his name is Jax. Beau and Jax get to play together all of the time – how fun is that? I can’t wait to share photos of Jax with you soon, but in the meantime here’s a cute shot of the brothers together.

Jennifer & Blake, thank  you so much for sharing all of these adorable photos with us! Beau is so beautiful, fits right in with your family 🙂 I hope you enjoy your first holiday season with your pup – and all of the fun events coming up with your wedding!


Wednesday Friendsday

Happy Wednesday Friendsday Golden lovers!

Meet Kona McCall – the four-legged child of Kristina & Brandyn McCall (who are newlyweds – congrats!).

Kona is 1 year old, and is quite active (just like his mom and dad). When he’s not swimming, he loves to go on runs with Kristina & Brandyn. His favorite toys either squeak or bounce, and he is always persistant that someone plays with him with these toys. Even if you try to ignore him, he’ll either flick you with his toy – or puts both paws up on your lap.

Kona has an older sister named Daisy (that is a 7 years old Yorkie). Even though Kona is 10 times her size, Daisy still bosses him around. So kind of Kona to be polite to his elders 🙂 He also has a cat brother named Dennis the Menace that he loves to play with. What a lucky pooch – so many friends! Love this photo of Kona cuddling with Daisy.

Kona is so handsome that he is officially a “stud” dog – female Goldens see Kona and want to have his babies! So he’s been called to a couple of houses to produce beautiful pups. What a stud, indeed!

Thanks for sharing photos and fun facts about Kona, Kristine! I hope you and Brandyn are loving married life with your family of pets 🙂