International Golden Retriever Day

Please set your calendars and join us in celebrating International Golden Retriever Day on February 3rd!

We need your help spreading the word! Use #GoldenRetrieverDay on all of your posts and tag us (instagram @iheart_goldenretrievers & facebook)

Kristen Shroyer at iheartgoldenretrievers is the proud creator of #GoldenRetrieverDay. A quick story about how this holiday came about:

One day while watching the news with a cup of coffee and her golden, Quincey, at her feet – the newscasters were celebrating national “Eat Cherry Pie Day.” If there was a holiday for this, then there certainly had to be one for golden retrievers, right? Kristen searched all over and realized it did not exist. So.. why not start one? Thanks to social media, word quickly spread and now every February 3rd, the world gets to celebrate this amazing breed!

Why February 3rd? February 3rd was the birthday of Kristen’s golden retriever, Quincey. He was truly one in a million, a remarkable dog that touched so many lives. Sadly, in 2015 Kristen lost Quincey to cancer, he was just 7 years old. Although devastated he is gone, his love and light continues to shine as the world celebrates #GoldenRetrieverDay every February 3rd!

Quincey Shroyer. February 3, 2007 – November 19, 2014
Kristen Shroyer, creator of Golden Retriever Day & iheartgoldenretrievers

Wondering how to celebrate? Here are some ideas:

– Treat your Golden to a car ride, trip to his/her favorite park, and a nice long walk

– Donate goods or funds to your local Golden Retriever Rescue, animal shelter, or Humane Society

– Surprise your Golden with his/her favorite treat – a peanut butter KONG, homemade treat, whatever they love best!

– Don’t have a Golden Retriever? This day might be the perfect time to adopt!

45 replies on “International Golden Retriever Day”

I ADORE Golden Retrievers! They are the best of the best when it comes to dogs….that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!!!

Hi Kathy! We’re so glad you love goldens, too 🙂 Thanks for joining in the fun on Golden Retriever Day!

Once you’ve had a golden retriever, no other breed will do.
We have our 4th golden now. They have all been wonderful family members. Great with children, smart, entertaining, and so beautiful.

Frisbee was my golden for 13 years.. One day I will be the happy owner of a golden again! It’s the eyes: they look into your soul!

We did a toast to Frisbee last night – so happy you got 13 long years with Frisbee! Let us know when you get another golden 🙂 We agree, those big brown eyes get us every time!

Thanks for joining in the fun for Golden Retriever Day Angie! We’re glad you agree they deserve a holiday 🙂 Mark February 3rd on your calendar every year!

I love Golden Retrievers…they are such beautiful smart animals….They are the best of the best to own my golden is 6 yrs old and my best friend always there for me and he sleeps at the foot of my bed every night! Before he settles down he comes to the bed and gives me lots of sloppy kisses! In the morning he brings me my slippers what else can I say! GOLDEN’S ARE THE BEST !!!

He even brings you your slippers?!?! That’s incredible! You’ll have to send us some pictures and more fun facts about your golden boy – we could feature him on a “Wednesday Friendsday!” Thanks for sharing Joanne 🙂

Golden’s are the best! I have 2, you can’t have just one! lol They are gentle & oh so loving, all wrapped up in the most beautiful Golden fur … and that Golden smile just melts my heart ♥

We agree! We have 2 also – it’s so cute how they cuddle together. You’ll have to share some pictures with us! 🙂

What a wonderful coincidence that this is also the 5th anniversary of my adoption of Truman, my adult rescue golden!

aww.. this melted our heart. Cheers to you and Truman on Golden Retriever Day! Thanks for adopting Truman!!

We’ve owned three Golden’s over the years, and each one comes with so much love to give! Frankie is our current golden pup. He is one years old and is a riot! He smiles when he is excited. We love you Frankie!

Gotta love a golden puppy.. a LOT of energy, but so much love to give! Happy Golden Retriever Day to you and Frankie!

You shuold make this day international, not only national! let’s make a FB page and an event about this for the next year!

Alexandra, we couldn’t agree more! We underestimated how far our blog would reach – it’s officially renamed “International Golden Retriever Day” or just “Golden Retriever Day” for short – and a facebook page and event is already in the works. Will have it up and running in the next few days. We have our own facebook page ( that we will also advertise it on 🙂

What a wonderful Day to celebrate. My husband and I had the most wonderful Golden -Rebecca.
We called her our Amazon Princess due to her size 105 pounds and very tall. We also had birthday parties each year and all her pup friends and owners joined in.
Unfortunately she passed in 2010 due to Cancer. We are thinking of getting another, but it is really hard. She meant so much to us.
It is so nice to get e-mails that are worth seeing and reading.
Hope to see this Day next year. I will mark my calendar and send to all my friends.

Wow – 105 lbs! Rebecca truly was an Amazon Princess! We’re so sorry to hear that she passed last year. Having to say goodbye is the hardest part about being a dog owner. However, think of all of the wonderful moments and memories you have together! She was a very lucky dog to have such an incredible life and loving parents.

We will definitely celebrate next year! Thanks for helping spread the word about this holiday!

How fitting!!!!! My very first litter was born on 2/3 6 years ago…. Marty ( our son) turned 6 last week 2/3 and he thinks this international day was named for him!!! Shhhhhhh let him think that 🙂 His daddy Chopper is almost 13 and his mother ChessieJo is almost 8. All 3 of them are with us and I take my female to work with me everyday. I will always have Goldens for the rest of my life. Love is Golden with a Golden Retriever <3

Barley is our golden gal– 10 years young and still going strong. She is our chief of security and public relations director for our company… I did not know there was a Golden Retriever Day, but best believe, we will celebrate it in 2014! Barley will be pleased to know she has a special day beyond her birthday (Jan 1)… have owned other dogs along my life journey, but goldens are the best. God make a great dog when He made the Golden….

Red was my very best friend until he left this world for doggy heaven. Now we have Beau and he’s my best friend, but in a different way. I adopted both because they were deemed “too old” by their previous owners. Shame on you whoever you are…

wish i had known this before today. i have 4 goldens, 6, 6, 5, and 4 (none related) who i would have enjoyed showing off 🙂

What a coincidence! My golden puppy’s birthday is on the same day as International Golden Retriever Day. Guess we’ll be celebrating his 1st birthday and IGRD on Feb. 3rd in 2016!

Golden Retrievers are amazing and friendly. Their tolerant attitude makes them a fabulous family pet.
I have written a Children’s story book series about a Golden Retriever – Fanny The Champ – first of the series soon to be published.

I’ve been trying to locate a national golden retriever day but this is all that I can find, past post on February 3. Has anything been set up her organize to make this official

Word spread on the grass roots level and that is how it started. Do you have any advice on how to make it more official?

My “baby” will be 5 years old in 10 days! They are the best breed. Goldens love everyone and everyone loves Goldens 🙂

Mi boy is three years old and he is my world ?
Golden retrievers are so tuned into you and know exactly what you’re thinking before you do.
He bring me fun company and most of all
Unconditional love ❤️ .
So thanks for letting me know about this special day
As my boy will now get even a bigger treat on the 3rd

Love this!! I am getting to love my fourth golden and wouldn’t own any other breed…they are truly the best. While each of them have had their own personality, they all share that quality to love unconditionally. Thank you for creating this day!

We have 16 month old Brodie who is our second Goldie, we had Bracken before him for 14 years. They are gorgeous dogs with a beautiful temperament. Brodie has brought a lot of joy to our family and he loves everyone

It is great that we put aside a day to celebrate Golden’s it’s such a shame it’s so many of us put our dogs that have passed on here due to the horrible disease of cancer I hope someday they will find a cure all five of my Golden’s have died from some form of the disease I have a beautiful girl now who I hope there’s never forget it she’s a beautiful golden and her name is Carsen

We lost our 13 year old golden, Bailey on 9-11-18. To say we were devastated was an understatement. He was the best and made us smile and laugh everyday. We accidentally found out that a litter of Golden’s were recently born and would be available. We now have a nine week old pup named KC. He loves to cuddle. I can’t imagine our lives without a golden. So happy there is a day to celebrate this awesome breed and glad I found out about it!!

I wish I’d known about this! Next year.
We also had a Golden named Quincy. His birthday was February 4, 2004. And he died in October 2013 also from cancer. Now, we have Sadie. Who is actually a niece of Quincy’s. She’s 7 1/2 now.
I look forward to this event next year!!

Goldens are the most wonderful of dogs. I have two right now—my second and third purebreds (dark goldens: Paprika and Cayenne) and my fourth golden if you count a golden–German shepherd mix that was an oopsie (she was also amazing). I don’t think I could ever have another breed now. Here’s to a lifetime of long golden fur on everything we own and an enormous ton of love in our hearts!

Oh how I love our golden. He runs the house, and that is fine with us. I am so happy to know the February 3rd is the day for our Goldens! Every day he has his long walks, treats, well, maybe too often, and always car trips. Thank you for this wonderful notice. “Arf,Arf, Arf”. “I love you”.

We had our first Golden for a wonderful and magical twelve years, four months, and eight days. He was a search and rescue dog and a therapy dog at our local hospital. We did all the training for both jobs. Sadly he passed away from cancer in 2020. It was devastating to say the least. We now have a “white” Golden puppy. We received her on Christmas Day 2021. She is another amazing and loving family member. Hair everywhere and we simply don’t care. Words cannot express how much we love our Goldens. They are the sweetest and smartest dogs we have ever owned. We simply cannot and will not live without a Golden in our home.

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