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The Golden that started it all..

Quincey arrives

On January 9, 2010 – our lives were forever changed by the arrival of a beautiful Golden Retriever named Quincey! Quincey has a very special story on how he came into our lives..

Jake Kloberdanz, a very close friend and CEO of ONEHOPE Wine, attended a charity event in Los Angeles during the fall of 2009 where they were auctioning off several items to fundraise for the cause. One of the top items was a beautiful purebred 2 year old male Golden Retriever, who had also received over $5,000 in service dog training. Jake, having spent most of his childhood with a Golden Retriever, grew immediately attached to this dog. Jake knew from the moment he saw the dog that it just had to be a part of his life, and as a result Jake placed the highest bid! Jake was the proud winner of Quincey, and was excited to give the dog to his parents as an early Christmas parents. Fun Story: what Jake paid the charity for Quincey funded an underprivileged child to attend a summer camp.

Jake drove Quincey from Los Angeles to his parents’ home in Fremont (San Francisco bay area) and surprised them with a beautiful Golden Retriever. His parents immediately fell in love Quincey, but also knew that it was not the right time for them to take on a young dog. Of course Quincey started to grab a lot of attention in Jake’s parents’ neighborhood, and received several adoption requests. Jake called me and was distraught over the situation, not knowing where Quincey would go. He really wanted him to be with his family or a close friend so that he could still be a part of his life. All of a sudden, the solution became so clear: We would adopt Quincey! Brad and I had been talking about wanting a dog, so this couldn’t have been more perfect timing.

So now – how do we get Quincey from Northern California to Phoenix? Luckily, Jake’s parents were driving to San Diego and my cousin Jenny Gautreau was driving from Southern California to Arizona for my bachelorette party the very same weekend. Jenny had just gotten a beautiful brand new white Mercedes, so bless her heart for transporting a 65 lb Golden in it! Quincey arrived at our home and into our lives on January 9th. The picture above was taken just moments after he arrived to his new home in Scottsdale.

We didn’t know it at the time, but Brad and I were on our way to be the biggest Golden Retriever lovers in the world! We are so thankful to Jake and his parents Jane & Frank for bringing Quincey into our lives.