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Separation Anxiety

Every time I leave the house, I get “the look” from the dogs – that puppy dog look where they bat their big brown eyes at me begging me not leave. It breaks my heart! Lately I have had to travel quite a bit for work so I’ve gotten “that look” quite a bit. It’s gotten to a point where Roxy even gets depressed when she sees me get the red suitcase out, she knows I’m going to leave. Tonight I’m in Denver, and I miss my husband and pups so much! Brad always sends me cute photos to make me smile. Here’s a photo he sent tonight.


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Love the blog Kristen! Almost as much as I love Quincey’s smile!! It really is amazing how they actually look like they are smiling! Our house cleaner in Minneapolis used to say Cooper had an Elvis smile…too funny.

Thanks Sarah! Cooper does have a striking resemblance to Elvis – does he have the moves, too? 🙂 We need to get the pups together for a play date! 🙂

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