12 Days of Christmas Charity Products

12 Days of Christmas – Golden Gifts – Day 4

Golden Gift Suggestion #4 – Paw of Love Ornament

We are excited to introduce everyone to the newest item in our online shop – The Paw of Love – Ornament for Charity. Our Paw of Love Ornament is the perfect holiday gift for all animal lovers. For every ornament sold, 100% of the profits are donated to HALO Animal Rescue – A No-Kill Animal Shelter. For only $9.99 – give the perfect gift that also gives back.

Paw of Love - Ornament for Charity - $9.99

About HALO:

HALO is an acronym that stands for Helping Animals Live On. It is a succinct, four-word definition of what we are here for.  It is the reason each and every employee and volunteer puts two feet on the ground.  It is a passion that goes beyond just loving dogs and cats.  It is a driving force in our lives; to make this community, this world, a safe place for homeless pets.

Located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, HALO Animal Rescue is a safety net for thousands of homeless dogs and cats each year.  We are a no-kill facility, which means we never euthanize an animal because we have run out of room, but it also means we are limited in the animals we can take in at any given time.  Our specialty is to provide a refuge to those pets who might otherwise be destroyed at other Valley shelters for reasons such as a treatable injury, illness, or those who are too scared or too young to go up for adoption at their time of arrival.