Wednesday Friendsday – Summer

Meet Summer – our Wednesday Friendsday featured golden! What a beautiful brown-eyed girl she is!

Summer is a gorgeous 8 month old Golden who lives in Klang, Malaysia! (I love that golden lovers from across the world can connect with one another!!) Summer was a birthday gift to her dog mom, Hamae, from her husband. Coincidentally, Summer was born on the day Hamae and her husband were married! Summer was just destined to be a part of their family. 🙂

Summer’s favorite treats are carrots and green apples – what a healthy puppy!

When she’s not cuddling with Hamae and her husband, she loves to play fetch with a ball. Summer also enjoys to travel! Car rides are her favorite!

Thank you Hamae for sharing these wonderful photos of Summer with us! I love this pic of the three of you – what a happy pup she is to have such awesome parents!