Wednesday Friendsday

Where did November go? Can’t believe this is my last post of the month! In honor of Wednesday Friendsday and our Featured Breed of the Month: The Pug – I decided to combine both!

Meet Jade Perisho! The beautiful pug of my friend Alysha who lives in beautiful Seattle, WA!

Alysha named her after the ancient Jade gemstone that has historically been used to attract love and healing – because Jade inspires those feelings every day. Unlike many pugs, Jade is very athletic and loves to go hiking with Alysha! She also makes a great desk buddy – this lucky pup gets to go to work with Alysha at (sidenote: the fact that Amazon is dog-friendly makes me love them even more!!).

Jade will do anything for tummy tickles. “We find her on her back more than a prostitute in a Taiwanese strip club” says Alysha – HILARIOUS! Jade also has a fabulous wardrobe, it even contains pink coats, a geisha dress, and Harley Davidson leather jackets. Jade is also a part of socialite society in Seattle. She is the leader of a “Sex in the City” style group of dog friends. She has three of her favorite dog-girlfriends living in her city apartment. So Jade, do you consider yourself a Carrie? Or more of a Samantha?

“The next time you see a deep green jade gem-stone think of our pug… we promise you will feel the warmth of her love within you.” – Will do Alysha!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and stories. Jade sounds like such a fun pup – I wish we lived closer so we could have play dates! If I’m ever in Seattle, I’ll request Jade be my tour guide 🙂 PS – I love this photo of you two..


Guest Breed of the Month: The Pug!

We heart Golden Retrievers, but let’s be honest: We heart ALL dogs! Therefore, we decided to start a “Guest Breed of the Month” where we will share fun facts and photos of a featured breed each month.

November’s Guest Breed of the Month is the Pug! I love pugs, they are such comical dogs. From their big expressive eyes, to their cute curly tail – they have so much personality! Love the classic pug head tilt..

Pugs are classified in the toy breed category, because their average weight is between 14 – 18 lbs. Their smooth, glossy coats can be in the color of fawn or black. Pugs can have two distinct ear shapes: “Rose” or “Button”. Rose styled ears are small, while button styled ears folded. Pugs have very strong legs and shoulders, and most have protruding lower jaw – so their smile shows an adorable underbite!

Pugs also make wonderful family dogs – they are very fond of children and sturdy enough to play with them. Plus, they make the perfect addition to family photos!

Several of my friends have pugs, so I’ll be sharing their photos and stories throughout the month – there’s some great ones, so get excited!

i heart pugs!