Paw Prints on our Hearts

On November 19, 2014 we had to say goodbye to our sweet boy, Quincey. We lost him to Cancer. He was only 7 years old, and we were lucky enough to be his family for 5 of those years. He may be gone now, but his paw prints will forever be on our hearts.

Quincey was more than just our dog, he was truly a member of our family and my best friend. He was there to welcome my husband and I home after our wedding, and after the births of both of our daughters (that he was so gentle and kind to). He was always there – at the door when I came home, by my feet when I worked, by my bed when I slept, at my chair when I ate – always there with his sweet smile and love to give. It’s been nearly five months since he passed, but I’m still not used to him being gone.

Quincey inspired us to start this blog, and create “Golden Retriever Day” (which falls on February 3rd, his birthday).

We know many of you have gone through this difficult loss – please share your memories with us.

Quincey Shroyer  February 3, 2007 - November 19, 2014
Quincey Shroyer February 3, 2007 – November 19, 2014
National Golden Retriever Day

Happy National Golden Retriever Day!!

Happy National Golden Retriever Day everyone! We hope you have a fabulous day with your pup(s) – since it lands on a Friday, you might as well continue the celebration into the entire weekend 🙂

What are you doing to celebrate? Not sure what to do? Here are some suggestions! Can’t wait to share stories with each other!

Well.. time to turn off the computer and spend some time with Quincey & Roxy!

Cute photos

Happy New Year!!

Just wanted to wish all of our readers and their pups a happy and healthy new year! Cheers to 2012!

Doesn’t Quincey look so dapper in his new years crown? 🙂

12 Days of Christmas Products

12 Days of Christmas – Golden Gifts – Day 11

I know we are a little biased.. but we think our i heart golden retriever online store has some super cute gift ideas for golden retriever lovers! Plus, a portion of your purchase goes to help goldens in need of a home. It’s a win, win!

Golden Gift Suggestion #11: i heart golden retriever gear

White i heart golden retriever hat – $19.99

Classic white hat with adjustable back. 10% of profits donated to Rescue A Golden of Arizona.

Women’s Fitted i heart golden retriever t-shirt – $25.99

This is one of my favorites! In the photo above I’m wearing the charcoal color. Note: it does run small, so order a size up. 10% of the profits donated to Rescue A Golden of Arizona.

i heart golden retrievers tote bag – $16.99

I love this tote bag. I use it all of the time when we travel with the pups for their leashes, treats, and food bowls. I even use it at the grocery store and have gotten so many compliments! 10% of the profits are donated to Rescue A Golden of Arizona.

We have several other options available at our online store – food/water bowls for your pups, coffee mugs, mens clothing, performance jackets, car magnets.. the list goes on! Check us out!


Custom Pup Portraits

Just when we thought we couldn’t be more obsessed with our dogs.. we got custom portraits of them done 🙂 But I have to say – they are SO COOL!

How great are these? Now – I have to share with you all the artist who did these. His name is Lain, and I discovered his shop ScottieInspired on Etsy. I was so impressed with his talent, how affordable these were, and how quickly he did them! It was awesome – Lain just emailed me the digital file already formatted for canvas, so I just sent these to print at Costco. Saved SO much money in shipping costs (Lain lives in Scottland!), and we can save the files to print on other things if we choose.

Here is Roxy’s painting (with the photo I sent Lain) – love it!!

If you’re considering a pet portrait – seriously look no further than Lain. His work is impeccable – and between his incredible artwork and ordering from my local Costco, the pups’ portraits costed less than $200! Can’t beat that.


Rescue A Golden

This weekend we had the pleasure of attending Rescue A Golden of Arizona‘s “Golden Harvest” celebration and fundraiser at Arizona Bread Company in Tempe. It was so fun to be in a room filled with people who are as obsessed with Goldens as we are 🙂

Rescue A Golden of Arizona rescues Goldens who have lost their homes through no fault of their own, and places them through adoption in their forever homes. Since the organization’s inception in 1998, over 3,000 Goldens have been rescued! Although I do not know how anyone could part ways with a Golden (since they are such an amazing breed and have nothing but love to give!) I’m so thankful for this organization and all that they do to ensure this amazing breed is never euthanized.

My company ONEHOPE Wine donated the wine for this event, so I made the pups ONEHOPE bandanas to wear. How cute do they look in them?

The other avid Golden Retriever fans there told us something we never heard before – that Roxy had a “zipper nose.” When Roxy was just a pup, her “zipper nose” was more of a mohawk and it evolved to being a line down her nose. We never knew there was a special term for this! We love her zipper nose, just another thing that makes our girl so unique and special.

To learn more about Rescue A Golden of Arizona or to make a donation, please visit their website. They have some adorable, loveable dogs available for adoption that are so anxious to find the perfect home!!


..we’re back!

Sorry it’s been nearly a month since my last post – I’ve been super busy with work and living in hotels and airplanes the past few weeks. I’m so happy to finally have a full week at home with my pups! (and husband) 🙂

Quincey does okay while I’m gone, but Roxy gets SUPER lonely. Brad sent me this pic of the dogs while I was traveling.. Roxy’s face explains it all – she missed her mama!

While I was traveling for work, I stayed a couple of nights in Denver at The Curtis Hotel. As I was walking into the hotel, they had a welcome sign with pictures and a big water bowl for dogs that were checking in that day – so cute! Although, it made me wish I had brought the pups with me. It’s an adorable hotel – if you’re looking for a pet-friendly place to stay in downtown Denver, you should check it out! A great restaurant called The Corner Office is attached to the hotel, too.

The Curtis Downtown Denver Dog Friendly Welcome

View my “Travel” page for a bunch of other suggestions for dog-friendly destinations!


Happy Labor Day!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day! I hope you all took some time to relax and enjoy the day with your pups. Q-man and I had a nice afternoon floatin’ in the pool!


Junk In The Trunk – Update

Wanted to post an update to my “Junk In The Trunk” post from a few weeks ago (explaining Quincey’s recent weight gain of 10 pounds!). Well, we reduced his food by a quarter cup a day, and swapped his usual treats for carrots and green beans – and I’m happy to report Quincey dropped 6 pounds!! Way to go Quincey boy!

Once the weather cools down, we’re going to up his exercise quite a bit. Hopefully he can lose those pesky additional 4 lbs!

What tricks do you have to help your pet lose weight?


tech-savvy pups

It’s been forever since my last post! I sincerely apologize, I have been absolutely slammed at work. Tonight I’m blogging from Colorado where I’m working this week. I miss my little family so much! Thank goodness technology lets me video chat with them (via iChat) every night.

The dogs get pretty confused when they see me up on the computer screen. Roxy’s ears perk up and she just stares at the computer – it’s so cute. I wonder what goes through their little puppy dog heads when they see crazy things like this? I wonder what the technology world holds for pets in the future..