Golden Celebrities

What are your favorite on-screen Goldens? Here are my favorite “Golden Celebrities”

Shadow from Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey – That final scene when he comes limping over the hill and running to Peter gets me every time!

Duke – the Bush’s Baked Beans mascot. “Roll that beautiful bean footage!”

AirBud – who can resist a Golden wearing basketball sneakers?

Comet – the Tanner family dog on Full House

Maddie – Bruno Mars’ Golden that likes to be on stage with Bruno during performances

Gerald Ford had a Golden named Liberty during his Presidency, she became quite famous and was frequently photographed.

A lot of celebrities own Golden Retrievers, including:
Jimmy Buffet (named Cheeseburger!)
Pamela Anderson
Jackie Chan
Mary Chapin-Carpenter
Anderson Cooper
Sheryl Crow
Tom Cruise
Kristin Davis
Mary Tyler Moore
Anna Paquin
Denise Richards
Jerry Seinfeld
Martha Stewart
Matt Lauer
America Ferrera
Nick Jonas
Betty White
Oprah Winfrey (she has 3!)
..and my personal favorite – Conan O’Brien!

To view more celebrities with Goldens, check out The Land of Pure Gold Foundation.