Shopping online for k9s

Today I was searching the internet trying to find the perfect gift to give to a client. Like me, she LOVES her dog so I knew a gift for her pup would be great! Since we are both in the wine industry, I was curious what sort of wine related doggy gifts/toys were available. I stumbled upon a cute pet site at and found this adorable wine cork collar. She is going to love this!

I’m so happy I found this site – they have tons of other cute products. Collars and harnesses with holiday themes, fun animal prints, even your favorite sports team. Now that football season is here I might have to order some for our pups!

They also have some really funny toys – the “iPaw” is my personal favorite 🙂

What are your favorite pet sites to shop at? Please share!




These toys are hysterical!! A ball for your pups to chase with a silly mustache on the other end – I’m definitely going to get a couple for the pups.. stay tuned for funny pics in the upcoming weeks. These Humunga toys can be ordered here for $14.99 – it got great reviews!


Wednesday Friendsday

This week for Wednesday Friendsday I’m so excited to introduce you all to Bentley Hutkowski. We met Bentley and his mamma Jenna through this blog – and have loved sharing stories and photos ever since! Bentley lives in Columbus, OH and he just turned 2 last week (Happy Birthday Bentley!!). Isn’t he so adorable?

Bentley’s favorite toy to play with is a ball – any kind! Every time he goes to the dog park he is in doggy heaven because there are balls to play with everywhere. He also likes to play with a rubber stick and a stuffed “Christmas Turtle.” No matter the toy, if you throw it he’ll fetch it all day long. His newest hobby is swimming – Jenna is teaching him to paddle really well 🙂

Bentley is also a die hard Buckeye’s basketball fan!! He’ll watch the entire game (preferably on the furniture with mom and dad if he’s allowed) – too cute.

Jenna, thank you for all of your support with i heart golden retrievers, and thank you for sharing your story and pictures of Bentley. I look forward to keeping in touch!