An American Idol Golden!!

I looooooove American Idol. I look forward to it every Wednesday night! A couple of weeks ago I was so excited to learn that contestant Hollie Cavanagh has a Golden Retriever – and made sure to include him in her videos from home. Hollie has such a cute British accent – it was hard for me to understand what this beautiful pup’s name is (if you know it – please share!!). But nonetheless, he’s adorable!!

On top of Hollie being a Golden Retriever lover – she is also incredibly talented. Such a powerful voice comes out of her petite frame! I remember her from last season being so shy and timid yet having such a beautiful voice (she was eliminated before the final 24 were announced). Awesome that she came back and auditioned this year, and is now in the final 7!!

So, if you’re home tonight tune into American Idol and be sure to vote for Hollie. Although I’m sure her pup misses her dearly and would love to have her home – he’d much rather her continue on the show 🙂 Hollie I’m sure we’d all love to know – does your golden recognize you on television?

Roxy finds her golden quite handsome 🙂 She couldn’t take her eyes off the screen!