Happy Memorial Day Weekend

Wanted to wish you and your pups a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! We hope you enjoy the day doing what you enjoy most with your family, friends, and puppy dogs.

Please take time to remember why we celebrate this day – and to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our country’s freedom, as well as all those who have served and continue to serve. We are the land of the free because of the brave!

This is one of our all-time favorite YouTube videos – of a Golden reuniting with her mom after a long deployment in Afghanistan. Warning: this will bring tears to your eyes – so have a tissue handy!

Cute photos

Valentines with your K9s

Happy <belated> Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all had fun celebrating with your sweethearts (dogs included of course).

Came across this adorable video on You Tube that melted my heart – very fitting for a day all about ‘showing the love’ to the special ones in your life.. and nothing says that more than a belly rub!

Here’s a sneak peek at next week’s Wednesday Friendsday.. can’t wait to share more fun photos of this pup with you!


Roxy learns to swim!

Just like a child, pool safety with a puppy is a must! We have a pool fence, but Roxy was so tiny as a pup she could crawl through the fence spokes. We absolutely needed to make sure she knew how to swim, and where the steps were so she could get out if she ever fell in the pool. Roxy was a natural at swimming, but it took several trials until she fully understood where the pool exit was. Here’s a really cute video of her learning how to swim when she was just a tiny pup – I wish she was still this little!!