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Toys for dogs are an absolute must – especially if they are chewers like ours! The more toys they have, the less likely they are to chew on things they shouldn’t. Our dogs destroy just about every toy we give them, so we’ve been trying to find toys that they love to chew, but will last a long time. Stuffed toys usually last less than 10 minutes, and then I’m stuck picking up cotton and threads all over the house. Here are the pups favorite toys:


These are #1 in our books. They come in all different shapes and sizes, and the dogs LOVE to chew on them. In fact, since we’ve been buying them Quincey’s dental report has improved! They are a little pricey, but they definitely last a long time. Our dogs chew them down so much that they actually get a little sharp sometimes, so keep an eye on them as you might have to throw them out and replace them after a few months. These are our favorite Nylabone toys









We love KONG toys because they are durable and keep your pup entertained for along time. If we are leaving the house for a while, we always leave behind a KONG stuffed with goodies. The classic KONGs are great to stuff with treats, peanut butter, carrots – anything your pup loves! My mom taught me to put some peanut butter in it and then freeze it. The dogs lick that for hours and hours!

For puppies, they make adorable KONG pacifiers. Roxy loved hers as a puppy – just as much as we loved seeing her walk around with a pink pacifier in her mouth.

We also love the KONG Wobbler. All you have to do is put bits of kibble in it, shake it, and it will keep your dog busy for a long, long time! It’s pretty fun to watch them try to get the food out.

Chuckit Amphibious Fetch Toys

Since we can’t keep the dogs out of the pool, we can’t keep their toys out either. This brand is great because the toys are waterproof, durable, and float! Roxy can jump SO far for these things in the pool, we’re even thinking about entering her in one of those super-dog contests you see on ESPN2 🙂 Pack these when you go to the beach, too – they are perfect!

Aquatic tug-of-war!

Last, but certainly not least – you cannot go wrong with a basic tennis ball. We buy big multi-packs at Walmart because just like their toys, we go through them quite quickly.


What are your dogs favorite toys? We’d love to hear some other suggestions!


As a dog parents, it is an absolute must to have a treat jar stocked at all times. Here are some of the pups favorite treats:

Canyon Creek Treats
Innova Cookies
Authority Treats









In addition to store-bought treats, they absolutely love to snack on large carrots and peanut butter (inside their KONG). Quincey also gets half of a banana with his breakfast every morning to help with seizures.

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