Wednesday Friendsday

Meet Riley Hammerle – today’s Wednesday Friendsday pup! Riley’s proud owners are Katie and Brian Hemmerle. Isn’t he such happy pup? I love the spot on his tongue!

Riley’s absolute favorite toy is a tennis ball. He’ll play fetch for hours on end! His favorite trick is to slide down the hallway tile to catch it. Since Riley is an Arizona pup, he also LOVES to swim. So, you can just imagine how much fun he has when he gets to play with his favorite toy (the tennis ball) in his favorite place (the pool!). He really likes to blow bubbles under the water. Riley has gotten so good at the tennis ball that his dad, Brian, recently introduced him to the frisbee. Riley can catch the frisbee mid-air just about every time! Riley, you sure are a talented pooch – that’s tricky to do!

I love this shot of Riley as a little puppy. Don’t you wish they could stay this little forever?

Katie’s parents actually got a puppy (a boy named Keegan) from the same litter that Riley came from. I love that – such a fun way for a pup to grow up with a sibling. However, these pups don’t see eye to eye when it comes to college athletics. Riley is a die hard Wildcat fan, and loves to root for the University of Arizona. After all, Riley’s parents are UofA Alumni. (Sidenote: Katie is my Chi-O sister!). On the other hand, Keegan is an Oregon Ducks fan and roots for the U of O. Come football and basketball games, both dogs sport their favorite teams’ bandana. Who will be the champ this season? Sorry Keegan, but I’m with Riley – BEARDOWN ARIZONA! 🙂

Katie & Brian, thank you for sharing your photos and all of the fun facts about Riley. What a beautiful family you all make together! I look forward to keeping in touch over our love for all things golden.

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