Wednesday Friendsday

Happy Wednesday Friendsday Golden lovers!

Meet Kona McCall – the four-legged child of Kristina & Brandyn McCall (who are newlyweds – congrats!).

Kona is 1 year old, and is quite active (just like his mom and dad). When he’s not swimming, he loves to go on runs with Kristina & Brandyn. His favorite toys either squeak or bounce, and he is always persistant that someone plays with him with these toys. Even if you try to ignore him, he’ll either flick you with his toy – or puts both paws up on your lap.

Kona has an older sister named Daisy (that is a 7 years old Yorkie). Even though Kona is 10 times her size, Daisy still bosses him around. So kind of Kona to be polite to his elders 🙂 He also has a cat brother named Dennis the Menace that he loves to play with. What a lucky pooch – so many friends! Love this photo of Kona cuddling with Daisy.

Kona is so handsome that he is officially a “stud” dog – female Goldens see Kona and want to have his babies! So he’s been called to a couple of houses to produce beautiful pups. What a stud, indeed!

Thanks for sharing photos and fun facts about Kona, Kristine! I hope you and Brandyn are loving married life with your family of pets 🙂


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