National Golden Retriever Day

Happy International #GoldenRetrieverDay 2013!!

From our home to yours – Happy International #GoldenRetrieverDay!! What are you doing today to celebrate? Here are some of our tips!

Wow, how lucky for all of our pups that it falls on the Super Bowl this year! I’m sure they’ll get a lot of extra snacks today.

Enjoy the day everyone!!

Golden Retriever Day

Mark your calendars for International Golden Retriever Day 2013!

Wow, what an incredible response we got yesterday! Since we had golden lovers from all across the globe join in on the fun – so we had to rename this joyous holiday to “International Golden Retriever Day” 🙂

We cannot thank everyone enough for helping us spread the word!

Some fun highlights:

– Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast, and Golden Retriever lover, Shawn Johnson tweeted about the holiday on twitter!

Petco helped advertise this holiday on twitter

– Thousands of people across the world started to search “Golden Retriever Day” on the internet

– We received so many wonderful comments, photos and stories on this blog, our facebook fan page, and twitter account

Please join us in celebrating next year by RSVP’ing on facebook! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts in helping make this a success – and a now an internationally celebrated holiday!