Wednesday Friendsday

Meet Beau Ibarguen – today’s Wednesday Friendsday pup! I’ve been stalking Beau on facebook ever since my friend Jennifer adopted him this summer, I can’t get enough of this lil guy!

Beau may look familiar to you – I shared some insanely adorable puppy photos of him when Jennifer and her fiance Blake first brought Beau home in July. You can view that post and photos here.

Beau was born June 9, 2011 and lives in Dallas, TX. Beau has lots of toys. His favorites are his soft toys –  his crab, turtle and baby bear. He likes to take them outside and play! Beau also likes to chew on his Nylabone, which has really helped with teething.

Every morning when Jenn makes peanut butter toast for breakfast, Beau gets a Kong stuffed with a protein cookie and some peanut butter on top (that sounds delicious – Roxy is drooling reading this!). What a lucky pup!! It’s become such a routine that as soon as he hears the bread popping out of the toaster, he is right by Jenn’s side ready for his treat. How could anyone say no to this brown eyed baby?

Jenn and her fiance hired a trainer that they have had tremendous success with. Although Beau is still just a pup, he can sit, stay, come, and lay down on command. What a smart pup! Gotta love Goldens and their constant desire to please their owners 🙂 Best breed in the world!!

Jenn’s mom Bonnie (who lives down the street) adopted a pup from the same litter as Beau –  his name is Jax. Beau and Jax get to play together all of the time – how fun is that? I can’t wait to share photos of Jax with you soon, but in the meantime here’s a cute shot of the brothers together.

Jennifer & Blake, thank  you so much for sharing all of these adorable photos with us! Beau is so beautiful, fits right in with your family 🙂 I hope you enjoy your first holiday season with your pup – and all of the fun events coming up with your wedding!

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There is nothing quite like a golden pup! Such a beautiful pup, thanks for sharing. I officially have puppy fever now 🙂

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