Wednesday Friendsday

While the pups love this blog about them, they wanted to share some photos and fun facts about their friends. Our first Wednesday Friendsday post features our friend Cooper! Cooper and his awesome pet-parents, Sarah & Paul Gavigan, live just about a mile north of us. Cooper (AKA “Coop”) is 10 years old and absolutely obsessed with his toys. This lucky pooch has 4 toy baskets (like the one featured below), and every day he likes to pick them out of the basket, transfer them all over the house and yard, and cuddle with them when he sleeps. Coop loves his toys so much that he treats them like his little babies, never chewing them up or destroying them. Coop has never met a human he didn’t love, and as long as you pet him he will never leave your side. This lover is also a registered service dog!! Isn’t Coop such a sweetheart? We love the Gavigans!


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