..we’re back!

Sorry it’s been nearly a month since my last post – I’ve been super busy with work and living in hotels and airplanes the past few weeks. I’m so happy to finally have a full week at home with my pups! (and husband) 🙂

Quincey does okay while I’m gone, but Roxy gets SUPER lonely. Brad sent me this pic of the dogs while I was traveling.. Roxy’s face explains it all – she missed her mama!

While I was traveling for work, I stayed a couple of nights in Denver at The Curtis Hotel. As I was walking into the hotel, they had a welcome sign with pictures and a big water bowl for dogs that were checking in that day – so cute! Although, it made me wish I had brought the pups with me. It’s an adorable hotel – if you’re looking for a pet-friendly place to stay in downtown Denver, you should check it out! A great restaurant called The Corner Office is attached to the hotel, too.

The Curtis Downtown Denver Dog Friendly Welcome

View my “Travel” page for a bunch of other suggestions for dog-friendly destinations!

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